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[Italian Lesson] Whose turn is it?

[Italian Lesson] Whose turn is it?

Chi è l’ultimo?

When you’re at la macelleria, la panetteria, or any place that requires you to wait in line (like while waiting to get a SIM card at the TIM store), what phrase does one use to ask who is next in line? 

A chi tocca? - Who is next?

You might also hear - A chi sta? - Who is next?

You could answer by saying:

  • Tocca a me. - I’m next. 

  • Tocca a lei. - She’s next.

  • Tocca a lui. - He’s next. 

  • Sta a me. - I’m next. 

  • Sta a lei. - She’s next.

  • Sta a lui. - He’s next. 

You could also add a useful phrase when you wait in a queue and you don’t know who’s the last one before you:

  • Chi è l’ultimo? - Who is last in line?

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