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[Italian Lesson] Get some rest.

[Italian Lesson] Get some rest.

Vatti a riposare.

In today’s lesson, we have a simple phrase that you can use to show concern and affection with someone.

Vatti a riposare. - Get some rest. 

Literally, you can translate it as: Go get some rest. 

Ecco altri esempi:

  • Vatti a prendere un caffè. - Go get a coffee.

  • Vatti a divertire! - Go have fun! 

To form it, you use the imperative mood with the verb ‘andare - to go’ in the informal. Andare is one of those tricky verbs that have an irregular conjugation. 

The ‘tu’ form of the imperative for ‘andare’ is va’. When you add a pronoun to it, you double the letter. 

Finally, if you wanted to tell more than one person to get some rest, you would use “andate a riposare.”

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