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You blew me off!

You blew me off!

Ieri sera mi hai bidonato!

C’era una volta, there was someone I knew who I called Hawaiian Shirt Guy. It wasn’t a very original nickname. As you might have guessed, it came from him always wearing Hawaiian shirts 😂

Whenever I saw him, he would try to hit on me, but I would always politely refuse his advances. When I was telling my Italian tutor, Blessy, about him one day, I tried to explain how I would always tell him no when he asked me out, and she said something wonderful. 

Ah, l’hai bidonato. - Ah, you blew him off. 

This can be used for more than just sidestepping advances, or provando con te. It can also be used to talk about bailing on someone for plans that you two had.

Like, “Ieri sera mi hai bidonato! - You stood me up last night!”

Or, “Non mi bidonare! Devi per forza uscire stasera. - Don’t bail on me. You definitely have to go out tonight.” 

Another phrase you can use to express a similar sentiment is, “dare buca” like “mi hai dato buca!”

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