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What’s up? What’s good? Wassup?

What’s up? What’s good? Wassup?

Che c’è?

La lezione di oggi è piccola e facile da capire. Come dire “What’s up?” in italiano? 

What’s up? = Che c’è?

That’s pronounced like “keh chEH”, with an emphasis on the final “eh” because of the accent mark.

You can also say:

  • Come va?

  • Com’è?

  • Allora?

If any of your social media accounts are in Italian, you’ll often see the phrase, “che c’è di nuovo?” written where your next status update or tweet should go.

If you have questions about how to say other types of slang, hit reply and let me know. I would love to share the Italian versions with you!

Un abbraccio,


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Italian with Cher
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