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[Italian Lesson] That’s a deal!

[Italian Lesson] That’s a deal!

È stato proprio un affare.

Ciao a tutti!

I have some big savings goals on the horizon, so I’m always looking for the best deals. That’s why today’s bite-sized lesson is sharing a phrase for when you’ve gotten a great price on something. 

In Italian, one way to say that is “fare un affare.” 

Here are two examples:

  1. Ho fatto un affare all’outlet. - I got a deal at the outlet mall. 

  2. Sono andata a Solomeo perché volevo comprare qualcosa al negozio di Brunello Cucinelli. Ho comprato un foulard scontato del 70% . È stato proprio un affare. - I went to Solomeo because I wanted to buy something from the Brunello Cucinelli store. I bought a cashmere scarf for 70% off. It was a deal! 

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Un abbraccio,


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