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[Italian Lesson] That doesn't add up.

[Italian Lesson] That doesn't add up.

C’è qualcosa che non quadra...

You know that feeling you get when something isn’t quite right? You’re not sure exactly what’s off, but you know it’s something

When you get that feeling, quella sensazione, potete usare questa frase:


Which means that something isn’t adding up or something isn’t right. Fico, vero? 

Here a couple more examples of how this is used:

  • Voglio frequentare questo corso… ma c’è qualcosa che non quadra riguardo il professore. - I want to enroll in this class… but there’s something not quite right with the professor. 

  • Mi ha chiesto di uscire ma gli ho detto di no perché qualcosa in lui non mi quadra. - He asked me to go out but I said no because something feels off with him.

GRAMMAR TIP: I also want to point out that you say “qualcosa IN lui” and not “qualcosa DI lui.” If you come from an English-speaking background, the inclination would be to use the preposition “di.” #themoreyouknow

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