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[Italian Lesson] How well do you remember it?

[Italian Lesson] How well do you remember it?

Mi ricordo lontanamente.

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You know that feeling when you can’t remember a word or a detail or even the order of events that happened? 

There are many ways to say that you can’t remember it well, but one of my favorites is “mi ricordo lontanamente - I remember it distantly.”

I love it because it sounds so poetic. 

If you experience a moment like that, here are a handful of phrases that you can use to express that feeling:

  • Mi ricordo lontanamente. - I vaguely remember it. 

  • Mi ricordo male. - I don’t remember it well. 

  • Non mi viene in mente. - It’s not coming to mind. 

  • Ce l’ho sulla punta della lingua. - It’s on the tip of my tongue. 

  • Non riesco a collegare la faccia al nome. - I’m not succeeding at connecting the face to the name. 

Buono studio!

Un abbraccio,


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