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[Italian Lesson] How much can you handle?

[Italian Lesson] How much can you handle?

Reggimi il gioco.

After having my daughter, one thing was for sure: I wasn’t able to handle my liquor like I used to. In fact, now, non riesco a reggere l’alcol per niente. - I’m not able to handle my alcohol at all.

To express that sentiment in Italian, we need to learn how to use the verb ‘reggere’, which means to:

  • Hold up

  • Withstand

  • Support

  • Hold together

  • Handle

Gli esempi:

  • Ho retto molto. - I withstood a lot.

  • Ho retto, non ho parlato. - I managed to not talk.

  • Ho retto a non picchiare quella persona. - I held it together and didn’t hit that person.

  • Quanto alcol reggi? - How much alcohol can you handle?

  • Reggimi il gioco. - Back me up. / Play along.

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