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[Italian Lesson] How do you say “hangry” in Italian?

[Italian Lesson] How do you say “hangry” in Italian?

Sto morendo di...?

Have you read this native Italian dialogue yet? It’s about two friends who meet up at an olive oil tasting in Orvieto, and there’s a neurosurgeon and claustrophobia involved.

Carlotta, a previous native Italian editor I worked with, wrote it. Her sense of humor is all over it. :) 

In the dialogue, you’ll see a line where one of the ladies says, “Sto morendo di fame!” 

As you might have guessed, this means, “I’m dying of hunger!” or probably a better translation would be, “I’m sooooo hungry.”

And while you know that, I thought it would be cool to tell you the other words you can use within this expression. 

Here are the most popular ones.

Sto morendo…

  • Dal ridere - Laughter

  • Di caldo - Heat 

  • Di sete - Thirst

  • Di sonno - Sleep 

Un abbraccio grosso,


PS. I’ve tried asking Italians how to say “hangry (hungry + angry)” but it doesn’t exist. Irene, our current native Italian editor, agrees with the statement above! She said, “I thought about it and maybe we could translate it as "non ci vedo dalla fame" but it doesn't have exactly the same meaning!”

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