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[Italian Lesson] Do you think he likes me?

[Italian Lesson] Do you think he likes me?

Le piaccio molto, ma lei non piace a me.

You know how to talk about what you like, right? 

Like, “I like spaghetti cacio e pepe.”

It would be… “Mi piacciono gli spaghetti cacio e pepe.”

But what if you want to talk about WHO you like. For example, “I like you” or “She likes me, but I don’t like her”? 

That’s when things get a liiiiiittle more complicated. 

I like you. - Mi piaci.

She likes me a lot, but I don’t like her. - Le piaccio molto, ma lei non piace a me.

Do you think he likes me? - Pensi che gli piaccio? / Pensi che io gli piaccia?

Do you think he can like someone like me? - Pensi che gli possa piacere una come me?

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